Urban Terror 4.2.019

Urban Terror est toujours actif, ce fps gratuit tournant grâce au moteur libre ioquake3 a été mis à jour. Pour rappelle les développeurs savent que le jeu commence à piquer les yeux, ils travaillent sur une version HD propulsé par l’Unreal Engine 4.

La 4.2.019 se télécharge par ici (win, osx, linux).

  • New gametype – Freeze Tag (#10) – new CVARs g_thawTime and g_meltdownTime- new log lines
  • New map ut4_prominence
  • New map ut4_killroom
  • New g_stratTime CVAR – strategy time at round start in Team Survivor and BOMB modes
  • Fixed hotpotato timer not stopping on timeout
  • Fixed crash when using map and devmap server commands
  • Fixed a “round end” message loop happening when only one player is connected in FFA gametype
  • Fixed the flag capture time bug in jump mode
  • Fixed a crash in the demos ui page
  • Fixed a possible crash on map load on OSX
  • Fixed a “signal 6” crash on OSX 10.9
  • Fixed the copy/paste causing engine crash on Unix systems
  • Fixed malformed reply to the /ignore command #10
  • Fixed ut_weaptoggle grenade malfunction when having two types of grenades #4
  • Added a flood protection on weapon mode change #32
  • Fixed callvote kick bug where another player could be kicked
  • Fixed client number for callvote server log messages
  • Fixed callvote map unpredictability and server log messages
  • Fixed some HUD elements being displayed while the client was paused #36
  • Added a client info cvar named authl containing player’s auth name when authenticated #35
  • Unlocked the download speed of map packs #44
  • Fixed dmaHD entering an infinite loop on certain maps #34
  • Made the reconnect command work across a client restart #40
  • Fixed the forcesub broadcast message #50
  • Fixed bomb plant time crashing the server #52
  • Fixed tell command not targeting the correct user #19
  • Fixed medkit icon not appearing or randomly flickering #17
  • Fixed third person mode persisting in sub #43
  • Fixed Client 0 getting the kill on certain bleed outs #78

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