The Witcher 2, nouvelle beta Linux

Une nouvelle version beta de The Witcher 2 est disponible, elle corrige de petites choses mais aussi et surtout augmente la rapidité du jeu, annonce un gain de 15 fps. Des détails dessous et d’autres ici.

24 Jan 2015 20:50 GMT

Latest Beta – BuildID 503099

A bit of a refresh here. We’ve worked more on our Direct3D 9 engine since the last beta, so everything we’ve done there has gone into this patch. Hopefully, that means better performance too!

We’ve also resolved the constant crashing on exit, removed our dependancy on libcurl, and we now ship a new CrashReporter which, while still using libcurl, should work with a variety of different versions as shipped by the many distro’s out there.

We’ve also added a fix for the crashing caused on kernel 3.17.7 and later, even though the kernel maintainers have already agreed to amend the patch that caused the problem – it is better if our behaviour avoids the issue in the first place :)

Test and let us know how things are…

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    oui mais faut crafter des potions tu te rend commmpte trop duuuuuur.

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