Les jeux Blizzard sous Linux c’est pas pour maint …

Une pétition pour pousser Blizzard à sortir des clients natif GNU/Linux vient de se prendre une boite par monsieur le président soit Michael Morhaime.

10 mars 2015 — Hello Linux Gamers,

I sent an e-mail with some of the positive comments people have been leaving to co-founders Mr. Morhaime and Mr. Pearce. Here is what Mr. Morhaime wrote back.
I certainly appreciate your passion and enthusiasm around this. Those are some great comments that you have included below, but the numbers just aren’t there right now. Linux usage represents less than 2% of installed desktop operating systems browsing the web, and I would assume most of those people also have access to a Windows or Mac device capable of playing Blizzard games.

We will continue to monitor the growth of Linux, but it is very unlikely that this will be something that we pursue in the near future.
I am not sure just what the hell Morhaime is smoking but obviously he needs to stop or change to a different plant. How can he say we are under 2% when there is no concrete evidence to prove it. He also can not seem to grasp the fact that the reason why some of use are stuck using Windows is because of Blizzard and not because we love using Windows.

One thing is for sure, I am gonna have to work harder if I am going to break through that thick head of his.

Will keep you posted.

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  1. olute
    28 messages

    tu a le temps de mettre en ligne des articles? t’a des embouteillages la et une ecole a construire


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