Endless Legend sous Linux vers l’infini et au del …

Au mois de janvier on croyais encore à un portage Linux d’Endless Legend mais aujourd’hui il semble que l’on puisse s’asseoir dessus (bien fort) et c’est le boss d’Amplitude Studios, Mathieu GIRARD qui nous le dit :

We read regular posts about the Linux version of the game, so I suppose it deserves a little update.

A few months ago, we worked on the Linux version of the game to try to produce a build. We have been quite busy with other tasks, so it is no complete yet, and there are remaining porting issues specific to Linux. Actually, porting the game is not as easy rebuilding with Unity (the technology we use) in Linux. There are platform specific considerations (file management, rendering) and also middleware which must be adapted (sound, video playback). It is not impossible and can be done, but we are not specialists of Linux, so it means a lot of time spent on this. And sometimes there is nothing we can do to fix an issue (as in the Mac pause menu) until the technology we use is upgraded or new drivers are released.

The other consideration is the overhead a new platform will bring. I assume Linux users want the same quality of service than the PC and Mac users. If we add a new platform, it means 50% more management time for the builds, QA, and technical support. We are a small studio, and our resources are not infinite. Is it better to have engineers and producers focus on new cool content for the current customers or to have the Linux version ? I think the answer is obvious for us now.

So the bottom line is that the Linux version of Endless Legend is still on hold until further notice.

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