Civilization VI sous gnu-linux, en fait, bin…

La sortie d’un portage gnu-linux de Civilization VI, pourtant annoncé, ne semble pas pour autant complétement certain, en effet Aspyr qui s’occupe de la chose vient d’indiquer sur son blog et sur reddit que la tache semble ardu et qu’il étudie encore la viabilité du projet.

Bref ouaite and si mais ça fouette.

Linux is still being investigated as a project. We hope to have clarity in coming months on if a viable version of Civ VI can make it to Linux and will let you know as soon as we have more information.

I’m sorry guys. I should know better than to post in here before picking up my toddler for a TexMex dinner. You guys are incredibly active, and that’s a huge part of why we love you. I know its not a detailed statement, but it is absolutely full truth. Just because we are using OGL, that does not automatically translate to a workable Linux port. There are tons of complexities there (as you all well know). We have our team head down on proving that it can be done up to our quality standards. Once we know that, we will share the news.