Broforce Update – Novembre 2014

Free Lives nous livre une nouvelle mise a jour. A noter l’ajout d’un leaderboard pour les niveaux custom, des changements dans l’editeur de niveaux et la voix du speaker, sinon pour le reste c’est surtout des corrections. Je vous copie tous les details dessous.



  • While we are hard at work with aliens in the background, we thought we’d stop by with a long overdue clean up and fixes overhaul…


  • New and improved emotionally devoid announcer voice – GO GO GO!


  • Brobocop’s special now allows targeting the same unit multiple times
  • Fixed Brobocop’s special targeting indicators getting stuck on screen
  • Fixed Bronan melee/special interaction
  • Tweaked Brobocop’s attack and added extra feedback
  • Improved ‘New Campaign’ box in level editor
  • Added some help tips to Level Editor
  • Heavy Shells are no longer behind their red bombardment lines
  • Enabled circumnavigation on world map
  • More feedback for world map helicopter control in fighting
  • Fixed big dogs vanishing when being thrown
  • Made dogs climb better
  • Fixed camera zoom bobbing in and out
  • Fixed large helicopter boss camera tracks
  • Fixed level author names not displaying in workshop browser
  • Improved Level Editor look and feel
  • New mouse icons for level editor
  • Added tagging to Workshop levels for improved browsing
  • Added three types of Quick Triggers
  • Fixed Deathmatch camera glitch near end of level and players not re-spawning at bottom of screen
  • Fixed being unable to load the first unpublished campaign in custom levels
  • Added leaderboards for Workshop levels
  • Fixed supercheckpoints messing up level times
  • Fixed invulnerable characters’ interaction with spikes
  • Fixed some optimisation issues
  • Fixed grass particles being incorrect color on other themes


  • The level editor UI no longer burns eyes (as much as it did before).


  • Each custom level now has its own leaderboard!

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