Beyond Earth et ton monde impitoyable

Maj 06/12/2014 : finalement ça roule pour les cartes AMD/Intel, les deux compères se sont sans doutes sentis honteux apres l’article d’Aspyr et ils ont décidé d’aider les devs.

BIG UPDATE: Both AMD and Intel have been quick and eager to help with these issues.  With their guidance, we’ve made great improvements over the last 24 hours and while there is still a lot of work to do, we are confident that support for both chipsets will be implemented asap.  We will be back with more info next week, but we wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to the fine folks at AMD and Intel for their help!

Aspyr, les développeurs des versions OSX et GNU/Linux de Beyond Earth, continuent leur série dramatique et annonce sans l’annoncer que les possesseurs de carte graphique ATI ou Intel peuvent s’assoir sur une carotte et faire l’avion. En effet, ils rencontres de sérieux problèmes de rendu qui rendra le jeu non supporter sur ce matos lors de sa sortie (bientôt, sur…).

Like the Mac version, we’ve been working on implementing the new patch into the Linux version prior to release so that it’s fully up-to-date when it goes live. However, we’re seeing some of the same problems as on the Mac. And like the Mac version patch release, this may cause a delay in the full game’s release on Linux. It’s still too early to tell right now, but we’ll keep a close eye on the situation and relay any news to you in our weekly updates.

Additionally, we’re seeing some graphical problems with Intel and ATI cards on Linux. The performance is good (i.e. no slowdown or chugging frame rates), but there’s still lots of graphical tearing and other anomalies that make it practically unplayable. Though not official yet, it’s likely we’ll drop support for Intel and ATI graphics cards on Linux platforms prior to the game’s launch on Linux.